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A Bit About Us

Behind the Scenes

We are a company based in Adelaide, South Australia, owned and operated locally. Our core values prioritize the well-being of both our team and clients. We are committed to providing excellent forklift operators in Adelaide, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service. Moreover, we value building strong relationships with reputable organizations, as we believe in the benefits of collaboration and synergy.


Working for a Better Tomorrow

At Forkie, we are deeply committed to ensuring the physical and mental well-being of our employees. We believe that a healthy and safe workplace is essential to the empowerment and success of working men and women.


To achieve this goal, we have made workplace safety our top priority, and we strive for zero incidents.

To continually improve the safety and health of our workplace, we have implemented a comprehensive safety program that covers all aspects of our business.


This program includes regular safety inspections, hazard assessments, employee training, and the use of advanced safety equipment and technology.


We also engage in continuous communication with our employees, encouraging them to report any safety concerns or suggestions for improvements.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero accidents and injuries throughout our operations. We believe that this is achievable by integrating safety and health into every aspect of our business, from our daily operations to our long-term planning. We are committed to creating a culture of safety in which every employee feels empowered to take an active role in promoting workplace safety and health.


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